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List of training modules

All modules currently offered are listed below. The left column is the recommended content for the full 16-week training program. For the shorter 4- or 8-week programs, you’ll choose 4 or 8 of those core modules.

Modules can be swapped for ones from the optional column as needed to suit your needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let me know and I’ll do my best to create a new module just for you.

Core content for 16-
week basic training

Managing yourself:
Roles & goals
Developing self-awareness
Time mgmt & productivity

Managing the work:
Setting expectations
Delegating projects
Holding effective meetings

Managing the team:
Building trust
Aligning your team
Managing the hiring process

Managing individuals:
Having effective 1:1s
Giving feedback and praise
Coaching and developing people
Having difficult conversations
Engaging & retaining talent

Managing your career:
Managing your manager
Making a career plan

Optional additional
training modules

Building a culture of ______
Interviewing & hiring rubrics
Onboarding new hires
Managing remote teams
Resolving conflict
Dealing with performance problems
Change management
Diversity, inclusion, & belonging
Learning agility
Writing a business case
Pitching ideas strategically
Conducting performance reviews
Finding your management style
Playing to your strengths
Dealing with difficult people
Letting people go
Navigating office politics

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