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Got a sticky situation and need guidance on what to do? Schedule a 60-minute strategy call and we’ll dive into whatever’s keeping you up at night.

In this super-focused session, we’ll work through your management-related challenge and I’ll help you develop a way forward. In addition to providing a solution, we’ll spend time practicing it and discussing strategy on rolling it out.

These calls are great if you have a specific problem or situation, like how to talk with an employee about their performance issues, or how to get your team aligned to a not-so-popular performance metric.

With other clients, the situations have spanned the gamut from practicing letting someone go to brushing up on hiring best practices when they needed to grow their team by 2x in 1 month. Other challenges I’ve solved for clients include re-engaging a valuable high-performer who was clearly checked out, and how to get that one (very difficult) person to show up on time, every time.

Whatever your challenge, we’ll get it fixed, fast. Schedule your strategy call today by clicking below.

$199 for a solution to
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Get it fixed, and fast.