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Cover all the most fundamental management skills to go from 0 to 60 in this full-spectrum 16-week program. Intended for new managers who want to build foundational management skills.

This is the flagship program for new managers where, over the course of 16 weeks, participants will be trained in the most critical core management competencies.

New managers learn practical, hands-on skills and walk away with tangible tools like worksheets and frameworks they can put to use immediately. Participants have the chance to apply these techniques and get feedback on the outcomes. This kind of applied learning is the fastest and most effective way to learn.

Every session is 1:1 and fully personalized. Throughout each, we discuss situations from the trainees own experience and work through techniques as they apply to their own specific challenges. It’s a completely different experience than sitting through an impersonal workshop with dozens of other participants.

Together, we’ll tackle one module per week. This method is called “distributed learning” and has been shown to dramatically increase retention rates vs. trying to cram important learnings into a marathon couple of days.

Week to week, the format is flexible. Most sessions last between 1 and 1.5 hours and are conducted via video call. If something comes up and we need to reschedule, I require just a 24hr heads up.

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