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Small group training for multiple new managers means your org will benefit from a cohort of new leaders who speak the same langauge.

Group training programs for up to 4 participants are perfect for organizations looking to upskill multiple managers in a short amount of time. Available in 4-, 8-, or 16-week programs, this group training is both time- and cost-effective.

Like the other programs, small group training is personalized, meaning the examples we use, situations we talk through, and challenges we solve are all immediately relevant. As a group, the trainees will also be able to learn valuable lessons from one another and better understand your organization as a whole.

All training sessions teach practical, hands-on techniques which participants use and get feedback on right away. This tight feedback loop and my focus on tangible tools and frameworks lets new managers be immediately more effective.

By tackling just one module per week in a distrubited learning format, new managers also retain and internalize learnings much more effectively vs. marathon workshops crammed into one or two days.

Reach out today to reserve your group’s spot in the next available round of training.

Pricing depends on # of participants and length of program.

Bring up a whole cohort
of effective leaders.

Getting new leaders up to speed & on the same page.